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Mahalaya x SIKLAB is a partnership driven by a shared commitment to social justice and community storytelling.

Sining at Kultura Lab (Arts and Culture) is a multi-media collective of filmmakers and artists based in Los Angeles, California, that aims to uplift the stories of the Filipino community and everyday working people while supporting and developing the unique talents of its members as storytellers.


SIKLAB believes in producing multi-media content that collaborates with directly impacted community members and serves their interests. Want to get involved? Complete this interest form and learn how you can join the SIKLAB team.


Liwanag (Light) is a creative multimedia project highlighting the stories of Filipina frontline workers in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with community organizations, immigrant youth artists and filmmakers produced Liwanag — both a film documentary and storybook to uplift these narratives and invite the community to learn more about the lives of these courageous women who continue to fight back and organize for change.

Liwanag will be made available for event screenings with community organizations, schools, churches, libraries, and any other space where community gathers! Let's ignite more conversations and dialogue about the stories and struggles of the Filipino community.

The Justice for the Roques campaign (J4R) is a campaign organized by community members and community organizations to raise awareness to Stop Asian Hate and support victims of anti-Asian violence. Since June 2022, the campaign has crowdfunded financial aid for the Roque family, canvassed local neighborhoods, and organized community meetings as well as rallies at court hearings.


Leading organizations include the Filipino Migrant Center, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), and Migrante Los Angeles.

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