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You will not take my name

You will not take my name

You will not take my face

Nor my life

My livelihood

Or my community

Because at the end of the day my life belongs to the movement

No matter the red-tags or the surveillance

I will continue to rise with defiance

to seek out your weakness

Because you see this election fraud you committed

Is a reflection

Of your incompetence

Your unwillingness to provide

And this will not go unnoticed

The massa will see the visible contradictions

In which the US steers so clearly

This next ruling will be your downfall

It will create the right conditions

To ignite within us all

A worker led movement

And you will find yourself cornered

Alone with no first world interference

Because we Filipinos know a thing or two of a revolution

Spanish colonization

With US imperialism

No honeymoon phase to sway us

Only history beginning to unravel

Dynasties vying for power

Boiling point, eventually toppling over

Marcos and Duterte if I were you I would hesitate the next time you address the country Just like the past, but hopefully with new victories, new lessons

You, the enemy, the ruling class, the reactionary government

Will be left overthrown- even ousted

Disintegrated and burned into few remnants

As workers and peasants come together

To build a new society towards socialism

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