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Straight A Student

There’s this kid I once knew

Straight A student

Best at everything he do

Long as he put his mind to it

Oldest of four

Kuya type

Top of the leaderboard

Red Ranger-like

He went to school

Met people not his kin

Started feelin’ like a fool

“B minus again?”

Swimmin’ in the ocean now

Freshwater fish at sea

Wonder “Who this shark beatin’ this time?

Him, or me?”

Feelin’ jaded and confused

Got a job– serves espresso (two)

Feelin’ aight wit “not the greatest”

Got titles “Mentor” and “Trainer”

“New kid on the job”

Gotta train ‘em

Kid’s got spunk

A lotta energy

“Only 20 years young?

Kinda reminds me of–”

“His resume looks great, Chief.

You’re gonna like ‘em, I know it.

Based on this, he probably was a–

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