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From Hobby to Business: The Birth of The Magick Shoppe

In her quest for healing, Carol Heard began exploring tarot, astrology, and crystals. For years, she browsed through the shelves of bookstores, seeking new knowledge to expand her practice and shift her perspective.

“Astrology and tarot helped me to find my way,” Heard said. She used tarot cards to guide her own decisions on relationships and career paths and began offering readings to friends and family soon after.

At the early start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Heard adopted the practice of burning Palo Santo, a sacred tree from South America used in spiritual ceremonies to clear harmful energy. However, due to her husband’s sensitivity to the scent, she embarked on a journey for alternative ways to infuse ceremonial aromas in more accommodating ways.

Needing a respite from excessive screen time during California’s shelter-in-place, Heard delved into a new hobby: candlemaking. She purchased a home kit and began making candles with her daughter, Niyah.

“Niyah’s smile and her excitement to be doing something together is something I remember from that day,” Heard said. “That time gave me a moment to slow down and really spend time with her to create and make things with our hands and really just live in the moment.”

In her search for alternative scents, Heard experimented with various ingredients, such as crystals and herbs typically used in divination, spellcraft, and healing. The use of these elements dates back to ancient times. Crystals were utilized in magic healing formulas as early as 4,000 B.C. by the Ancient Sumerians of southern Mesopotamia. Herbs have been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine since 5,000 B.C.

Heard decided to turn her hobby into a business after receiving positive feedback from family and friends about her candle creations. In September 2020, The Magick Shoppe was born.

“I’ve always wanted to be a business owner. With The Magick Shoppe, you’ll see me working 13-hour days. Loving what I do is what motivates me,” Heard said.

Crafted with the deep intention of self-compassion and healing, each collection — from “Hustle Honey” and “Self Lovery” to “Healing and Chill” and “Manifest Mami” — tells a story. Market Melon is a scent inspired by her late father, Frank Marshell Jr.

“My dad used to take me to the Farmers Market under the bridge on 8th and W. There was this honeydew melon he would get that had the sweetest-tasting fruit. I made that candle for my sister and me,” Heard said.

Heard continues to explore and create new scents, adding a new candle or collection to The Magick Shoppe inventory year-round. This year, she plans to introduce a collection inspired by shadow work, a practice of introspection she found instrumental in her personal and spiritual growth.

As The Magick Shoppe grows, Heard dreams of expanding beyond her online store and opening a brick-and-mortar in Sacramento that can serve as a haven for individuals on their healing journeys.

“My end goal is to create a space for people like me, people like us. Find yourself when you feel lost,” Heard said.

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