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Bike of Bones

Write a poem about a fictional girl

And a bike she made out of bones.

Flesh out the life she ponders and the path she wanders.

Draw her a river without stepping stones.

If she adorns her skin with mosaic sweat

Can she detox the poison trapped in her pores?

Say her lips can smile a genuine mile

That can escape your silly, dull chores.

When she becomes more than a locket muse

She’ll bleed blood- not black- ink from your pen.

What you thought to shape her becomes thin vapor.

A false identity, she remolded herself again.

Scramble her alphabet! Now that she speaks...

She senses your pride begin to rewrite her story.

But she is tenacious and yet still gracious

She’s absorbing wisdom from your vainglory.

Try. Write a poem about a fictional girl.

She’ll escape no matter what outcome.

On that bike of bones and the flesh she owns

Her farewell ride beyond your thumb.


Angaea Cuna is an inter-disciplinary artist who focuses on bookbinding, fiber arts, and creative writing to express her experiences as an undocumented Filipino immigrant in the United States. Angaea is based on the Big Island of Hawaii. Visit or @gaeabound for more stories.

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